Cost Savings

Goal: To generate cost savings that offset or exceed Ferguson Cox Associates’ professional fee.

Methodology: Ferguson Cox Associates achieves cost savings for Clients through several approaches:

  • By setting up a competitive bid process for the purchase of furniture and services for delivery and installation
  • By value engineering the product application
  • By creating work efficiencies in the planning stages of the project

Competitive Furniture Bids and Negotiations

Ferguson Cox Associates secures advantageous discounts, terms and conditions for the project and for post-project purchases. All furniture and furnishings bids are directed at the Manufacturer level allowing Manufacturers the control of setting an aggressive discount structure for the project, which they can dictate to their Dealer or pass along directly to the Client. Bid packages that “bundle” purchases and create a competitive environment further assure substantial purchasing discounts.

In addition to negotiating project discounts, Ferguson Cox Associates provides master contract agreements, which include advantageous terms and conditions. As the Client’s advocate, Ferguson Cox Associates appropriately places the liability for meeting performance and schedule criteria with the manufacturer.

Ferguson Cox Associates’ combined negotiation skills, comprehensive contract documents and benchmarking database result in streamlining the final pricing and contract negotiations.

Competitive Delivery and Installation Bids

Ferguson Cox Associates secures advantageous pricing, terms and conditions from the most qualified Delivery and Installation firms. An effective logistical plan is developed that considers schedule, coordination required between the construction trades and the manpower efficiencies achieved in approaching Delivery and Installation labor on a project wide basis, encompassing the complete project requirements.

The purchase of Delivery and Installation services as a “consolidated package” for all new furniture results in reduced fees. Ferguson Cox Associates secures advantageous pricing by developing specifications organized to eliminate ambiguity.

Ferguson Cox Associates provides recommendations for independent Delivery and Installation companies and assists the Client in establishing criteria for evaluation and selection.

Ferguson Cox Associates’ Delivery and Installation bid documents are comprehensive and include:

  • A complete component listing for each furniture item
  • A set of coded drawings
  • A schedule with delivery and installation milestones
  • A description of the predetermined installation progress sequence

Within the schedule and logistical plan, Ferguson Cox Associates anticipates the coordination required between the Manufacturer, the Installer, the electrician, and the telephone and communications cabling consultant.
Unit pricing formats and hourly trade labor rates are established as a means to control and track changes that occur due to revisions or field conditions.

Ferguson Cox Associates provides for those items required to be received through a warehouse rather than a direct delivery to the site. As a standard, the bid anticipates the likelihood of warehousing in the event of a construction delay by requesting a pricing structure for in and out charges.

Value Engineering

Ferguson Cox Associates closely reviews and assesses furniture specifications to ensure that manufacturers have correctly interpreted the “typicals” to meet the design and functional criteria established by the architect and Client.

Within the universe of systems furniture, benching and modular casegoods, a diverse offering of components and features is available. Ferguson Cox Associates analyzes flexibility in product specifications for opportunities to provide a reduced price, while maintaining the functional and aesthetic characteristics integral to the design.